BJ Crafts Roadshow Workshop in Taunton

We all had a really great time in Taunton.  Lovely Ladies and a good laugh.

If you are interested in our Roadshow Workshops, please contact us by email at quoting your postcode and what area you live in.

Brand New Structure Paste

£6.50  Available from our Website

Imagination Structure paste is a lightweight, high build paste that is suitable for application with a spatula, sponge or can be stippled with a stencil brush through a stencil. Structure paste dries slowly to a very hard surface with a white matt finish and has excellent opacity. Paste can be mixed or painted over (once dry) with any Imagination Crafts Paints, Inks, Alchemy Wax and Rusty Patina. Structure paste can be carved and sanded when hard.

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