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Starlight Pour

For a small canvas (adjust quantities according to size of canvas or project)

Step 1 Put one large teaspoon of  Imagination Gesso into a pot.  Cover Gesso with Imagination blending solution and mix thoroughly.  (the mix should resemble pouring cream).

Step 2 Put a teaspoon of Imagination Starlight paint into a small pot and add a mix of water and washing up liquid to the paint (choose at least 3 different colours, one in each pot). The paint should be fairly fluid to enable it to marble easily.

Step 3 Put a teaspoon of each colour of paint into the Gesso but DO NOT stir then add another teaspoon of each colour.  Take the teaspoon and slice through the mix as though slicing a pizza about 6 times.  This allows the colour to fall into the Gesso without making it look muddy.

Step 4 Place the canvas face down on top of the pot and flip the two over together.  Place on a tray. Tap the bottom of the pot so that all of the mix falls onto the canvas.

Step 5 Lift the pot and tilt the canvas until it is completely covered with the mix.  Any mix that has dropped onto the tray can be used to dip the sides of the canvas into.  Allow to dry naturally.

Hints & Tips

If you dry the canvas with a heat gun, the canvas will develop cracks which is really great for mixed media.

If blending solution is added to one the colours of paint instead of washing up solution, this will cause cells to appear (best results on larger canvases and projects)

Deeper and vibrant colours will give best results.


BJ Crafts Roadshow Workshop in Taunton


We all had a really great time in Taunton.  Lovely Ladies and a good laugh.

If you are interested in our Roadshow Workshops, please contact us by email at quoting your postcode and what area you live in.


Brand New Structure Paste

£6.50  Available from our Website

Imagination Structure paste is a lightweight, high build paste that is suitable for application with a spatula, sponge or can be stippled with a stencil brush through a stencil. Structure paste dries slowly to a very hard surface with a white matt finish and has excellent opacity. Paste can be mixed or painted over (once dry) with any Imagination Crafts Paints, Inks, Alchemy Wax and Rusty Patina. Structure paste can be carved and sanded when hard.


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